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Old 09-29-2010, 09:15 PM
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Default Flu Shot - with a cold
I went to the store yesterday to get a flu shot. Mind you I had just started coming down with a cold or something of the like. It was all in my throat and I started popping allergy medication to win the first battle. That evening when I got my flu shot of course he asked if I was sick or felt anything coming on. Of course I told him no I was here for a shot and the MAN part of me refused to admit to weakness.

So, that night I took some more nighttime medication and promptly passed out. Today, I feel better but am at that point where I'm drinking glasses of water in one gulp and still feel like I need more. I'm not hungry but forced myself to have a few things. Started off the morning with oatmeal. Mmmm so that sounds good right? Well then around lunch I snacked on a piece of homeade bread and had a glass of water. I went out and ran some errands (ahh sunlight) and felt a little better. By the time I got home was getting hungry and didn't feel like eating anything really. My tummy feels full of well lets face it all the sinus junk is draining into my stomach... fun times. So I decided upon the salad with some ranch dressing. And again I went for some bread but this time threw Welch's grape jelly on it. I also added a second slice (when you don't feel good sometimes your brain isn't thinking everything through.) Then for desert... I had ice cream with butterfingers...

Unfortunately it's really not real butterfingers even though they claim it is. What it actually has is the inside of butterfingers mixed with random pieces of chocolate and some kind of peanut butter shaving? I dunno what this stuff is but I've never seen it in any butterfinger I've ever eaten. Now my tummy is churning and I'm drinking more glasses of water. Maybe I should move everything to the restroom as that seems to be where my entire day has been. Well, this is what you get when you are home all day half sick half awake and I sit down to type a review. You are welcome Brian! My post for the day is now complete...

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I think if I had ranch dressing, grape jelly, and butterfingers in the same meal I think I would feel ill as well.

I do think this is the best post I've seen yet, keep them coming!
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allergy, being sick, butterfinger, flu shot, medication

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