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Default Black Blood Brothers
Just finished watching the Black Blood Brothers. I must say I really enjoyed it. Good story and good characters.

They seem to do a good job of having a small clip of a background story run at the beginning of each episode, and only during the last episode do we see the whole thing come together. There are only 12 episodes, so it doesn't feel bad trying to understand the background story and follow the main story line.

One of my main problems is that it is only 12 episodes. I would have liked to see this series go for another 12. I think they have room for more here. And since it is a short series, there wasn't as much action as I thought there should be.

The good thing is that when there was action, it was good. Not great, but good. I'm normally not much of a fan for vampire shows or movies, so this was a different thing for me to watch. The fact that they seemed to go about the vampire story differently is what I liked. They had vampires fighting vampires, and bloodline against bloodline. That in itself made the story interesting.

Overall a good series. Wish it was longer, but liked what it did have. I'll be watching it again in a few months.
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