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Default Black Lagoon -- Season 1 & 2 review
Revy, Dutch and Benny make up the Lagoon Company, a group hired for various black market deliveries. Soon a Japanese businessman, Rokuro Okajima, is caught in the wrong place and ends up joining in the lifestyle of a mercenary -- and renamed to Rock. They are based in a city called Roanapu , which is a battleground for various criminal organizations.

The show is paced very well, it has great action scenes but never leaves out the story for the sake of more action. It always leaves you wanting to watch the next episode. The widescreen encode looks great on a HDTV and with the bonus of DTS surround sound, it really draws you into their world very well.

While this isn't my favorite show of all time, I really enjoyed this show as a change of pace from my usual shows. If you're looking for an awesome action show and don't mind a dark, violent series -- this one is for you.


Black Lagoon
Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage
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I love this series.

The characters really draw you in, and to me that's one of the best parts of this series.

I originally watched it in Japanese with English subs, and now just watched the English dubbed version. I didn't care for the English voices as much. I think it gave the characters a different feel. The voice for Rock is actually the same voice for Light in Death Note, so that took away from Rock a bit.

There is plenty of action in this series, and good action to. It's not realistic, but it's very entertaining. The story lines are well thought out, and even drag from one episode to the next, so you just want o watch the next one to see what happens. Each "adventure" will last about 3 episodes.

The biggest complaint i have is that the series was too short. Since the adventures span 3 or so episodes, you feel like you're not watching a lot. So 24 episodes is only like 8 adventures, and that's just not enough. The ending of the series seems like it should just be a season ending episode of American television. They end on such a good note that you try to watch another episode but realize their isn't any more left. The bonus discs that come with the series are complete wastes of space, and would have been better served as behind the scenes or interviews with both casts. Or the best would have been another disc of episodes.
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