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Default Ergo Proxy
I finished watching this series a few days ago. Ergo Proxy is a really really good anime. This is my second time watching it, but the first time I watched it on dvd and with English Dub. The first time I saw it online and it was subbed.

It has a good bit of action, but isn't full of it. It has a great story line, and the writers really put a lot of thought into it. After you watch the series, you should actually look up the names of some of the characters, and the names of people that are mentioned to see how thoughtful the writers were.

I think the appeal for me, was that Ergo Proxy reminds me of the book, Brave New World, and the movie Equilibrium. If you like those types of stories, you will love this anime series. It's set in the future, but gives you the hint of what is possible using the technology we have today. They didn't get crazy with the sci-fi aspect and kept it as a possible future as far as the technology goes. The writers also made a show, that in my opinion, has a few metaphors for our current world, and that makes it a bit more interesting.

Some of the episodes are a bit confusing, and will make you wonder what exactly is going on. They are usually explained towards the middle or end of the episode, but some just leave you questioning it anyway.

As you watch the series, you get to see character growth, and see how they mature. This is especially true for Pino, who is a autorave (a robot that is programed to be a companion for humans). Pino gets "infected" with a virus that lets her think and feel for herself. She essentially gets a soul as some say. Of course, the other characters grow as well, but Pino is a interesting case.

If you get the dvd set, I would watch it, and then watch the bonus features. You get to hear about some of the things that went into the characters, and what the influences were.

So enjoy figuring out who is Ergo Proxy, and what is a proxy?
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