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Default Plants VS Zombies - FREE
Todays free app of the day from the Amazon App store is Plants VS Zombies!! This is a great tower defense style game that started on the Apple devices moved to PC and finally migrated over to Android.

You defend your house from waves of zombies who want to eat your brains! You have enlisted the help of the local plants to accomplish this feat. To start out you get pea pods which shoot peas at the slow moving hoard but the game slowly advances the types of plants and zombies you have to choose from. It does a great job of explaining how to play even for those who have never done the tower defense genre. If you are looking for a challenge or a great time waster this is my all time favorite game on the android. I've been waiting months for it to finally come out. I tried the DS version but it was just horribly made with it's bad frame rate and blockyness it's just a sloppy version. The PC version is flash and looks good but it's a processor hog. Sadly in the graphics department the droid version gets pixelated when you get new plants but normal gameplay is fine. Instead of creating higher images of the seed bags they just blow up the current sprite but eh maybe I'm to nit picky. That is all I've noticed so far and all I've had time to play through is a couple levels before work. I will definitely have this game beat in a few hours and will continue to play it long after that.

I cleared the PC version along with the extra modes and am looking forward to opening the new modes in this one.

Of all the Android games I've played this is definitely in my top 2. Angry Birds is my 3rd fav and this one along with Game Dev Story are my biggest time wasters and have the most replay value. PvZ is original and takes a nice niche in the tower defense genre. You should definitely be downloading this today since it's free and if you missed out BUY IT! $2.99 is still a great deal for this game. Just a note it is nearly 75MB so will take a while and has the little wifi only download tag.
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Really great app. Gonna download it.
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