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Default Emma Season 1
Well, I finally finished Emma Season 1.... First off, this is not my genre. It's a romantic drama set in the Victorian era, an era I personally don't really care for. If I had any idea what this was, I probably wouldn't have given it a chance...

The show is set in 19th Century London. Emma, a maid, falls for a gentry named William. The story focuses on them and the problem crossing the barriers of the class system of that era. To mix things up, Hakim, a prince from India, rides into town with his caravan of elephants. Despite Hakim's antics, the show is definitely not a comedy by any means, and the pacing is very cinematic.

I must say it has a great storyline, but I will say do not watch this if you are expecting a comedy. This one is pure drama and a bit sad at that. If you're looking for entertaining anime, this is not it. But for something completely different -- and well done -- this might be something for you.
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